Frequently asked questions

You want to know what to expect. Therefore, we are happy to answer your questions and alleviate your concerns. Below, we will point you in the right direction with an overview of the most frequently asked questions. If your question is not listed, please contact us.

After designing your camper’s interior, we get to work on the van. You either provide it yourself, or we can order a new one for you from the dealer.

Once the bus has arrived, we will get to work to realise your dream camper. The construction of a modular camper takes an average of 6 months. The duration depends on how busy it is at that time and the possible delivery times of your new bus.

A Module-VAN always has 2 approved seats for driving. It is possible to upgrade this number to 4 if desired. In this case, a belt frame with approved seat belts must be installed. A fifth seat can be created with a bench seat in the front (three seats in the cab), but this will render the cabin seats non-rotatable.

When it comes to money, we have no secrets. All modules have their own price. For a complete overview, please consult our price list.

The price for a modular camper depends on the chosen modules and additional options (such as an awning and solar panels). VAN-Jorn can build a complete interior starting from 30,000 euros. Building a camper including the new Peugeot Boxer bus amounts to approximately €75,000.

We can build in the following vans:

Peugeot Boxer >2014 / Fiat Ducato >2014/ Citroen Jumper >2014/ Opel Movano >2021

Height 1 (2.25m) or 2 (2.52m); length 2 (5.40m), 3 (5.99m) or 4 (6.40m).

Mercedes Sprinter > 2016

Height 2; length 3

According to the rules of the Tax and Customs Administration (Belastingdienst), the height of a camper must be at least 170 cm. This is not a problem for the height 2 vans. If you opt for a height 1 bus, you will have to raise the interior space. The roof must then be equipped with a fold-out or permanently attached closed roof structure This increases the interior space to a minimum of 170 cm, over a length of at least 100 cm and a width of at least 90 cm.

Do you want to sleep with four? Then a pop-top roof is likely necessary too. This creates a double bed on the roof of the van.

this only applies for campervans registrated in the Netherlands! For a camper van, the motor vehicle tax for a period of 3 months is a quarter of the tax you have to pay for a passenger car. However, in order to qualify for this rate, it is necessary that the full RDW inspection from bus to camper van is completed, including BPM calculation, BPM declaration, BPM payment and issuance of a registration certificate with a new license plate. Only then can you submit a written request to the Tax and Customs Administration to be allowed to use the special rate.

Factory campers are the standard in the world of campers. They are made for ‘most people’ and are often fully equipped. This means that they often have a fully built-in interior and are quite expensive. The prices for a used factory camper are often still quite high. You then have a camper with a used interior, which often shows wear and tear and does not have the modern look that you perhaps would like.

At VAN-Jorn, you can design your own unique interior specifically tailored to your wishes. So you have your own say in the new and super stylish interior. The interior is permanently flexible and makes for the dream camper that suits you in all phases of life. In addition, you have the choice for the base van – basic or super luxury, new or used – and choose sustainable materials that remain beautiful for a long time.

When purchasing a new vehicle, you as a private individual in the Netherlands, are subject to an additional tax, called BPM. This amount is not paid for a business vehicle. Are you buying a used van from a company and turning it into a camper? Then the vehicle becomes a private vehicle (with a yellow license plate) and you are liable for BPM. Fortunately, not the full amount: this amount decreases over a period of 20 years, with the largest percentage being reduced in the first 5 years. Only when the BPM declaration (and payment) has been made will a new license plate be issued and you can hit the road with your new camper.

We are happy to take care of everything for you, including the purchase of a new Peugeot Boxer van. If you already have a suitable van or would like to arrange this yourself, we are also happy to convert it for you.

Absolutely! You are more than welcome to visit us at our workshop and showroom in Groningen. You can also contact the Nefkens Peugeot dealers at several locations in the Netherlands. You can find all locations here.

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Reading all about the Module-VAN at your leisure? We worked everything out in about three emails. We’ll tell you why every VAN is unique, take you through our story, and tell you everything you need to know to put together your own dream RV.